With my passion to search for all things HEALTHY & HAPPY, I have decided to create MSHAPPYLIST – a wellness platform that YOU have always been LOOKING FOR ♡


MSHAPPYLIST is a place where YOU can come and explore all things positive – whether it is in food, exercise, thoughts and lifestyle.  This will be the place where YOU can discover the beauty and joy of everyday living and most importantly, to discover the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

BFF 24/7

MSHAPPYLIST is your BEST GIRLFRIEND who has unlimited power to supply you with all the positive energy, who always know the WHAT, WHERE and WHEN all the FUN, HAPPY and HEALTHY things are happening – and better, you can come to her 24/7 and ask for recommendations based on your lifestyle or whatever mood you are in : a normal foodie ? ax vegan ? or on a diet ? We have all the choices personalized just for YOU ♡

SINCE 2012

My name is May, also known as MSHAPPYDIET♡

I started MSHAPPYDIET in 2012 as a personal Instagram account – just to share my journey to health. Like most girls, I found healthy living through my quest of a way to help me lose weight. Healthy living doesn’t only help me shred those extra waist line but also gave me clearer skin, better sleep and the energy that I never experienced.

Intrigued by the power of good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle – I decided to study further and can’t help but to share this wonderful knowledge, the good and the yummy things with YOU.

Related Studies

  • ♡ Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, USA (2013)
  • ♡ Certification in Nutritional Therapy from Oxford College, UK (2014)
  • ♡ Certified Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, USA (2017)
  • ♡ Certification in Intensive Chef Training Program for Plant Based Cuisine from Blue Lotus Learning Institute, Thailand (2018)